Core Strength

Rankers Point helps students to have an in-depth knowledge of fundamentals. It is our teaching methodology that removes the pebbles off the road, making the road smooth for the aspirants. Our periodic tests and evaluation processes have been developed to assist students in recognising their academic strengths and weaknesses and then help them to overcome their weaknesses while firmly holding on to their strengths.
Our entire curriculum is aligned with the essentials for success in school & competitive exams. The monitoring team measures vital academic skills of students in fundamentals, problem solving areas, test related performances (i.e. time management, examination temperament etc.), and each student is given personal attention.
Student's success starts with preparatory programmes that lay a strong foundation for taking the students to the highest level of competition. By applying what you learn here, you can begin reaping the benefits immediately. Rankers Point has been focusing on applying theory judiciously, to impart the knowledge and skills required for an aspirant to be successful. To deliver this, our faculty have developed a unique learning model that complements the student's capability.
It is a set of 15-20 problems regularly given to the students to practice and concretise the concepts taught in daily classes. The RPPS are just like practice papers with time and score mentioned on them to help a student inculcate the ability and temperament of facing the real competitive exam through practice & revision of ongoing topics as well as problems in completed topics.
Classroom sessions are supplemented with assignments that are graded with increasing level of difficulty. This ensures continuous up-gradation of student's skills at attempting difficult problems. Apart from these assignments regular tests are being conducted to assess the level of performance and list out shortcomings of student which are then rectified by our faculty.
RPPS Discussion Classes empower the student to clarify his/her doubts and queries through the mode of discussion with faculty members at micro-level in one-to-one interaction. These initiatives help the students to improve their academic performance.
The faculty conducts doubt clearing sessions. In these sessions any doubt of a student may have is cleared. Certain topics may be repeated, should be student have doubts concepts or if a student misses some lectures for bonafide reasons.
At Rankers Point, a unique graded teaching methodology is followed which ensures that the student completes both the school syllabus and the competitive exam syllabus in a phased manner.
Rankers Point is committed to provide an environment that stimulates interaction and discussion since that is the best way to learn. Classes are limited to small strengths to ensure a higher degree of personal attention. Students will get to know their professors personally participating better in the one-to-one learning. Students will also have the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of your subject which are the cornerstones of IIT & NIT preparation.
Collaboration or competition? Each has its place in a successful preparatory programme. This measures the ability to inspire our students to work together towards defined goals. Rankers Point Tests and Discussion Programmes encourages and rewards the students while bringing them closer to success. Students work in teams and have ample opportunity to refine their knowledge, exchange their ideas and enhance analytical power.
AITS improves the student`s examination techniques and problem-solving ability. The progress reports are then sent to parents by post to keep them abreast of their ward's performance.
Each test is discussed in the class by the designated expert faculty member. A thorough analysis of the test paper is carried out so that the student can learn critical aspects to enhance his/ her accuracy & scoring ability.
The academic performance of the student is compiled, analyses and reviewed to help the students know their strengths and weakness. Periodic reshuffling of batches augment the competitive spirit. Frequent parent- faculty meetings are also carried out for effective feedback. There are micro- level and macro-level analyses of the performance of the students with regular follow-up measured. Special care is given to students who may not be that strong in their academic performance.
The students at Rankers Point are provided with memory charts & flash cards, which prove to be of great help to them. These can be used by the students at any time, at any place for a quick revision of formula & short tricks contained in them.

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